I absolutely cannot believe that Christmas eve is exactly two weeks away. Even though there is snow on the ground, something about this year went so fast, it’s hard to believe we’re almost half way through December.

This is the first toolbox post. I’m planning on sharing one per month, just to show some of my favorite things and necessities around the shop.

1: Fingerless mittens from The Powers of R. My husband bought me these for the chilly weather, and I’m in love. I wear them all of the time.

2: Yellow China Marker. This little baby is imperative for edits and mark ups. The subtle color makes it perfect for notes and reminders on sketches.

3: Prismacolor Illustration Markers. Before I start designing on the computer, I always sketch. I am in love with these markers. I have 8 different sizes, which I love for sketching, writing, filling.

4: iPhone 4. This season is busy, and I love that my phone helps me stay connected to the office even when I’m physically away from it.

5: Hot tea. I cannot sit down at my desk in the morning without a cup of hot tea. It gets my day going. My absolutely favorites this time of year are – Stash Pomegranate and Bigelow’s green tea with pomegranate. So good.

6: Bone folder from Martha Stewart: This little tool is amazing. It’s perfect for creasing, folding, scoring and getting material into tight spaces. I love this one as well, because it’s made out of hard plastic as opposed animal bone, which is used on several other brands.

7: Little note pads: I am always doodling and writing down notes to myself. I made these little note pads from index cards and graph paper. They are perfect for jotting down measurements or practicing handwriting.

8: MacBook Pro: I love this computer. I have an external monitor to use while working in the office, but I can unplug and head out to meet a client as well. This laptop is an extension of myself … I make my art there.