Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today, my husband and I will be heading out, with pies in tow, to visit our families, and enjoy some delicious Thanksgiving fare. We hope that all of you get to sit back and enjoy the day.

Before you load your plate up with turkey & mashed potatoes, be sure to take a few minutes to look through a few of our favorite inspirational links this week:

  • 20×200 brings artist and buyer together in one space. Each piece of art is limited edition and is sent with an artist bio and the series number of the piece. Nonsensical Infographic No. 4 might be gracing our walls very soon.
  • Love this 27 Before 28 list from Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Our favorite wedding photography of the week is Chloe and Jae’s wedding shot by Carl Zoch. Love the deatils!
  • I’ve never been so tempted to buy every item from an Etsy store before. But this store is amazing, and I could totally use these cute little cowl neck scarves in this chilly weather.
  • LOVE Kelly Murray’s art.

That’s all for this week. I am really looking forward to sharing some of the design suites we having in the words right now, as well as introducing our 2010 Holiday cards that are going on sale next week! Again, hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day.