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March 7, 2022


*Insert Internet hug here … because yeah, I’m into that kind of thing!

I am so happy you’re reaching out – we’re going to do some big things together!

Well, hey there! First of all … take a deep breath. Did you really do it? I want to start our experience together with a breath of fresh air so you can learn and get your way with your business, start your financial planner, change your image and start to improve your business.


There’s something you should know about my studio – I don’t approach brand design like most of my peers. Our experience together isn’t about clouding the field with options … it’s about me presenting solutions for your branding challenges. By framing our project as the process of reaching your ideal client & audience, we are certain to reach your goals of a vibrant, clear brand experience.

What does this mean for your project? Partnering with Three Fifteen Design isn’t just about a logo on a business card. From the very beginning, I will work with you to discover the heart of your brand. By the time we are to the design phase of your project, I will have an understanding of your values, your products/services, and the goals we’re aiming to meet. I will understand the depth of your audience, and the clients, customers, and people you desire to work with. This is branding. After we’ve worked through the Brand Exploration (oh man, this is such an amazing process), I will create the Creative Brief, which will outline the brand strategy & the visual inspiration that will drive our project. The Creative Brief is our compass.

This intentional approach to branding is meant to deliver clarity and perspective the whole way through your project. We are always working towards an overall experience that will attract your ideal clients. Here is where trust becomes the biggest part of our journey together. Just like you have created a brand that solves problems, have too. My job is to educate, create solutions, and ensure the result is a cohesive brand experience. Instead of delivering several options for you to choose from, I put my heart and energy into one, comprehensive concept. By the time I’m designing your brand identity, I understand you and your brand. I know what your clients want to see, and that is translated through the concept I deliver to you. This concept includes a main logo, secondary logos, elements (brand marks, monograms, patterns, etc), previews of web/social elements, ideas for tangibles, and typography inspiration. On the front end, I will have explored many ideas for your brand – I will be critical of the ideas I’ve created, and work through them until I have a strong suite that represents you and your brand, in a way your clients will love.

Does this mean you get zero input? I believe that you’re hiring me for solutions, but I encourage feedback from the beginning. We are a partnership. This means I appreciate you giving me the space to create a suite that best attracts your ideal client, and I absolutely welcome any ideas that my concepts spark. Instead of offering a certain number of revisions (because inviting “revisions” almost immediately assumes that there will be pieces to fix), I am open to any refinement of ideas that will help reach your ideal client. I have said no to clients before, and the result is a brand experience & identity that is focused on results. More importantly – I love saying YES! I love collaborating with my clients. It’s a beautiful relationship that we create, and the outcome is measurably positive.

What if this doesn’t sound like the right fit for me? Chances are, if you’re contacting me, it’s because you love my work. With 9 years of experience of collaborating with business owners, I have worked tirelessly to perfect my client experience. I believe that this One Concept Approach is the best use of my creative resources, and delivers consistently amazing results to my clients. If you would like to work with someone who delivers more options, please ask me for a referral. I have many trusted peers I would love to connect you to.

I have been taking a critical look at my client experience, and questioning every level of service I provide (does this part make sense? why am I doing this a certain way? etc.) … I’ve put most of this focus on my initial concepts that I’ve been delivering to clients. Typically, I deliver 2 initial concepts – 2 full sets of logos, alternates, and elements. In all honesty, I can usually tell which set the client will choose when I send it out. I put my heart and energy into all of them (because I think each has strong parts that would work for my clients), but there is usually a stronger one. 


Brand Exploration: Every single project starts with the Brand Exploration and discover phase. This is where I’ll ask you to invest time and energy into telling me about your brand, your experience, and your clients. From filling out a questionnaire, to asking you for a few inspiration links, to chatting in-depth with you, I love putting so much energy into this part of your project. We’ll work hard to find focus on visual inspiration, as well as strategy points for implementing your identity into your brand experience. We’ll kick the project off with a phone meeting to ensure we’re on the same page before I dive deeper into the design portion of your project.

Creative Brief: Once we’ve worked through the Brand Exploration, it’s time to put all of these details into a tangible guide you’ll be able to reference throughout your project. Here, I will highlight our goals, the background of your brand, your ideal clients, your competition, and some general design details. This Creative Brief will serve as our compass during the entire project. We’ll always come back to it if we have questions about a certain element or choice, and how it impacts our overall goals.

Design: I will take all of my notes to the table, and create a stunning visual identity that speaks to your ideal client. Of course, this suite will represent your brand and values, and come together in an intentional, cohesive way. I will work through several designs until I find the one. I will ask myself important questions to encourage myself to dig deeper to create a comprehensive concept – I will challenge myself to look at the design through the eyes of your target audience.

Presentation: After I’ve finalized the concept for delivery, you will receive a PDF that outlines our inspiration, the design suite, and ideas for implementing your brand identity. When you look through your concept, I hope you’ll gain clarity about how your brand can work for you, and in which ways your brand can truly stand out.

Refinement: Even though the designs I deliver to you are “complete”, there is a bit of buffer room for feedback and refinement, if needed. All refinements should be looked at as a collaborative effort – we will work together when considering additions or modifications. Results are what matter (the results being your ideal clients understanding your message and falling in love with your brand).


That’s where I stopped and asked: “Couldn’t I put all of that creative energy into ONE comprehensive, intentional concept?” – so, that’s where I am!! I’ve talked with several past clients, friends, my partner, and I’m getting the same feedback – as long as there is trust established between myself and my client, this should be the way I shift my concept delivery. 

Then, instead of offering “revisions”, I want to approach them as “refinements” – choosing the BEST parts and building on that. Of course, I would still offer content changes within the suite (like, “Hey Ravyn, why did you put a bird in our logo. Please change that!”, haha). I think that when faced when too many choices (and when I put creative energy into a suite that you won’t choose), we tend to lose sight of the bigger goal: developing a brand identity (and complementary brand experience) that your ideal client attaches to. <- after 7 years, this is where I like to think my specialty lies. 


Your design board is what I like to refer to as the ‘true north’ of our project together – it’s the marker on our design compass that always keeps us inline with the visions we’ve established for your brand. I will always check back in to be sure we’re headed in the right direction.



Hi there,

I hope you’re having an amazing day! Thank you so much for your message. I am so excited to meet you. It’s always wonderful to meet independent business owners who want to take charge of their brand and client experience. 

***Personal note***

Before we get started on our journey, you should probably know a few things. My studio is a little different than other studios or designers – I think it’s good to be different! As you review my offerings guide, you’ll notice that our entire journey is established on my number one brand value: trust! As a designer for the last 7 years (professionally), and my degree before that, I’ve developed a workflow that honors my client’s time, and allows us to create magic together. As our project starts and proceeds, we will be diving deep into the heart of your business. We’ll work together to establish your brand values, ideal client, goals for your business, and how all of that comes together in a tangible representation of your business. I ask that you take the leap of faith. When we trust the each other is bringing our full hearts to our project together, we can’t go wrong!

We will work together to create a thoughtful brand strategy, intentional design suite, quality paper products, and an engaging web presence. Before the tangible goods, we will dive deep into your business to establish a client experience that will help you book your ideal clients. 

To give a bit more information, you can find the link to my offerings guide ***right here.*** You’ll find more information about my studio, package offerings, pricing information, and FAQ’s about booking & working together.

My next available start date is ***. Between booking & your start date, we’ll talk about gathering inspiration pieces and how you can prepare for your project. In order to book your spot, I require a signed contract and deposit. As soon as I receive your contract, you’ll be on the calendar. 

I’m excited to hear back from you. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

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