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September 3, 2016

The visitors who navigate to sites via this channel are referred to as organic traffic or SEO traffic (check and find out)

The channel has about 100,000 views per day but this only reaches 800 to 1,000 potential buyers.

Search Engine Optimization In Digital Era: Look Beyond Traffic - Dazeinfo
For the moment this is not an effective channel and the best idea is to find out what channels are the most successful and this is where SEO is the best.

An effective way to find out which channels are the most successful is to use the Monitoring Tool.

The tool will show you all the incoming URLs which the advertisers from the two top chains have shared on social media in a feed. The feed does not just include their social media activity and other websites but will also include everything else that is an advert.
I have also recorded all the campaigns and each campaign can be viewed in a separate thread. I have included only the ones which would have had a corresponding order of delivery so that you do not get lost in the stream.

Since a large majority of campaigns for the chains appear to have come via linkbait and SEO campaigns it is worth reviewing the type of advertising this group would have run. In the above linkbait and SEO thread you can see that most of the campaigns appear to have been “retargeting” and nothing more than this.
It is worth remembering that the link bait and SEO posts were designed to attract clicks and hence you will not get an accurate picture. On occasion they have been creative with clickbait on the banner as well.

As well as in the social media there have been other campaigns which have been more directly targeted and targeted mainly at a specific demographic.

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