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March 13, 2013


You know that thing when you know someone who inspires you more than you could imagine? Well, I have been a witness to it, and I have my friend Alex to thank for that. From the moment I met Alex, I knew she was someone special. All of my social awkwardness was no match for her inviting/happy spirit. It was like we were old friends … that were just meeting. Alex lives allll the way across the country, but thanks to the magical internet, we can stay in touch. I love seeing her adventures, her growth, her work, her wisdom. She inspired me … and I made this drawing for her. It’s a reminder of the purpose of life, at least from my perspective.

***This piece is one part of a project by Three Fifteen Design. Each day, I’ll draw/paint/sketch/write in order to really flex my creative muscles. This isn’t work or studio related, but rather, a reflection of my personal life on any given day. The work isn’t perfect … not even close. That’s part of the fun.***


  1. Aww I love this! I need to flex my creative muscles too! I want to put a printable quote like this in my home, just have to think of what inspires me! But it’s hard to be creative when you force yourself to be… I think you just have to let it come to you, you know?

    Anyways great drawing!


  2. Andrea says:

    The quote and calligraphy are both beautiful! You have a great hand! Still working with mine. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Kelly says:

    I think this quote was just what I needed to hear today, and the lettering is so beautifully done.

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