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September 21, 2011

Just as I believe life would suck without great music … I also think life would suck without the written word. Can I get an AMEN? To take this one step further … I think my business would suck if I didn’t take the time to send hand-written letters along with all correspondence. I just think there’s something special about receiving mail … And let’s be honest, it means a little more to receive a letter than it does to receive an email.

When these babies arrived this week, I was so excited. I’ve been in need for some new note cards for awhile, so I finally sat down, designed some cute ones, and got them ordered.

If you need me this week, I’ll be busy writing love letters to my clients …  Well, actually I’ll be packing up my entire house … we move in 8 days! But AFTER that, I’ll be writing love letters!

  1. Naomi Shiek says:

    I agree! As a customer I love getting a handwritten thank you note with my purchase. It’s that added special touch of customer care that makes supporting handmade and small businesses so worth it.
    As a papercut artist I always attach a little thank you note to the people who buy my work. I use leftover paper and a stamp, though. I have a hard time deciding on an ‘identity’ to my brand – just too many options, it’s scary.

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